First Gen Corporation, CLSU partner on renewable energy provision & use
PAO | 08/29/2016 07:38:54 pm

Dr. Tereso A. Abella, CLSU president (2nd from right); and Mr. Francis Giles B. Puno, President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of First Gen Energy Solutions, Inc.; sign the Memorandum of Agreement on Retail Supply Contract of Electricity. Signing as witnesses are Vice President Santos of First Gen, and Dr. Cheryl G. Ramos, CLSU VP for Administration. Also witnessing the signing ceremony are some officials of the First Gen, and Dr. Melissa E. Agulto, CLSU VP for Academic Affairs (5th from right); together with some faculty and heads of offices of the university.

In line with its prime concern and advocacy for environmental protection and sustainable development, the Central Luzon State University recently inked a memorandum of agreement with the First Gen Solutions, Inc., one of the country’s largest independent electric power producers.

The company is focused entirely on clean and renewable sources of electricity. Among such sources are sunlight, wind, hydropower, and geothermal heat.

The memorandum of agreement signed at CLSU last August 25 by Dr. Tereso A. Abella, university president; and Mr. Francis Giles B. Puno, President and Chief Operating Officer of First Gen; states, among other provisions, that First Gen will supply the university’s power/electricity requirements in the next 10 years (2016-2026) via the 5MVA Power Sub-station it owns and operates within the campus.

“You are probably one of the first schools signing up for complete renewable energy,” President Puno said.

“We will be supplying to CLSU electricity coming from our geothermal power plant which is a brand new facility,” he added.

Geothermal energy is from thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth.

“Geothermal energy is a very unique source of electricity… It is not only a source of renewable energy but it is also the only energy source that can run baseload (daily minimum load). We can provide you reliable and affordable baseload electricity 24 hours of the day,” Mr. Puno said.

“Most of our competitors have focused on their efforts in developing coal. We at First Gen, however, are committed to develop lower carbon sources of electricity that are a lot cleaner,” he added.

For his part, President Abella said the sealing of the 10-year agreement is a historical event. “We are partnering with a company that is much concerned with the environment,” he said.

Dr. Abella also imparted to the First Gen COO and president and the company’s staff who also witnessed the MOA signing, the university’s mission of developing globally competent and empowered human resources with profound concern for environment protection and sustainable development and poverty alleviation.

“By partnering with you, I am certain that we will be able to achieve that mission with you providing us with your clean energy,” he added.

President Puno, on the other hand, expressed his very good impression and that of his group about the clean and green campus of CLSU.

“CLSU is so lush; it’s so green; there are so many trees… It’s exactly the kind of customers we want to have – customers who also believe in the greening of the environment and find various sustainable means of operating the university.

After the MOA signing, President Puno and his group that included Vice President Santos and Mr. Ricky Carandang, took time to see for themselves the century-old Dungon tree on campus.

Meanwhile, the rest of his group also had a riding tour around the academic area and some research projects/centers of the university.

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