Congressman Angara addresses 21st mid-year graduates
JP Burnot | 12/03/2011 01:34:40 PM

Hon. Juan Edgardo  M. Angara, member of the Philippine House of Representatives representing the lone district of Aurora Province,  addresses today the 21st mid-year graduates of the Central Luzon State University at 8:30 in the morning. As guest of honor and speaker, he will share his insights and wisdom to the 287 graduates from both the undergraduate and graduate levels. His message is expected to revolve around the theme of the graduation program “Strengthening CLSU’s Role as a Partner for Change and Sustainable Progress”. Dr. Ruben C. Sevilleja, CLSU president, will  introduce Congressman Angara who also sits as a member of the CLSU Board of Regents being the chair of the House Committee on Technical and Higher Education. He will also be awarded a plaque of recognition from the university after he shall have delivered his message. Thirty-nine year-old Congressman Angara, the second child of Senator Edgardo Angara and Mrs. Gloria Manalang-Angara, currently serves his third consecutive three-year term as a solon. He was 31 when he fi  rst won a seat in Congress in 2004 (13th Congress). As such, he was one of the youngest members then of the House of Representatives.Congressman Angara  finished Bachelor of Science in Economics (International Relations) with honors at London School of Economics and Political Science in England. He took up and finished law at the University of the Philippines where he was a member of the Editorial Board of the Philippine Law Journal, the Debate Society, and the Order of the Purple Feather. He graduated from the UP College of Law in 2000 and passed the Bar Examination in the same year. He continued his post-graduate legal studies and  finished his Master of Laws at the Harvard Law School -Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA in 2003.

Equipped with a strong educational background, unwavering commitment and passion for hard work, the young solon made his presence felt in Congress. During his first term, he served as House Deputy Minority Leader, thereby becoming an ex-offi  cio member of all standing and special committees of the 13th Congress. Congressman Angara  was elected to a second term in 2007, running unopposed. He served as Deputy Majority Leader and Vice Chairman of the Committee on Rules, and also as an ex-offi  cio member of all standing and special committees in the House during the 14th Congress (2007-2010).

In his seven-year stint as a lawmaker, he principally authored a number of  bills of national signifi  cance in diverse areas such as women’s rights, economic and  fiscal reform, good governance and civil service reform, consumer welfare, environmental protection, tourism, health and education, many of which were enacted into law.

Some of these are  RA9490 – Aurora Special Economics Zone  Act which promotes the industrial, economic and social development of Aurora and the Northeastern provinces of the country; RA 9500 – The University of the Philippines Charter of 2008 which strengthens the University of the Philippines as the premier university in the country by enhancing its institutional autonomy and academic freedom; RA 9505 – Personal Equity and Retirement Account (PERA) Act of 2008 which is the country’s version of 401K retirement plan in the US that encourages savings mobilization, promote capital market development, and generates investments; and RA 9710 – Magna Carta of Women which addresses the needs and sectoral concerns of women, especially those in the marginalized sector. He was also among the legislators who filed bills which became:  RA 9593 or the  Tourism Act which declares a national policy on tourism as an engine of investment, employment, growth and national development, strengthening the Department of Tourism and its attached agencies; and  JR 04 Resolution Urging the President to Modify the Compensation and Position Classifi  cation System in the Government or the Salary Standardization  Law III, a four-year plan to adjust public sector pay approximate to private sector salary standards. He has also  fi  led almost 200 bills awaiting action of Congress. Giving premium concern to his constituency in Aurora Province,
Congressman Angara has used his development funds to build over 170 classrooms, 6 libraries, 14 gymnasiums;
provide college scholarship to 891 students; distribute over 500 computers; provide medicines or medical assistance to more than 8,000 patients; and build skills and training centers to give out of-school youth and the jobless access to employment, and provide scholarship to 436 trainees.

As the chairman of the House Committee on Higher and Technical Education, Congressman Angara who has  been cited as outstanding legislator hopes to institute reforms to make education accessible to more Filipinos, while improving the quality of the country’s educational systems. Congressman Angara and wife Elvira
are blessed with three children.

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